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White Sage has been used for centuries by many different cultures as an incense and in smudging for ceremonial use.  White Sage is highly known for its cleansing properties and ability to get rid of negative energy and spirits.  Also great for cleansing one’s own aura.  Can be used when moving into a new house for cleansing, when feeling negative energy (house, room, self, persons, animals, etc.), during meditation, and is traditionally used to cleanse crystals. White Sage also has antibacterial properties.  Best of all, it smells awesome!

This listing is for a small bundle, which is about 4” long and 1 ½” thick at the burning end. They are bundled with the dried leaves together.  Each bundle contains about 5-10 individual leaves, depending on how large each one is.

TIP:  Don’t burn the whole bundle together (though you can if you want!).  We suggest taking one leaf out of the bundle for burning.  They burn for a good amount of time, so you can likely put one out and continue using it at another time, leaving you with many more burning sessions!


To use:

Light smudge stick or individual leaf, wait for a few moments and blow out the flame so that only the embers and smoke remain.  Fan or blow lightly to keep smoldering.  Extinguish in sand or water.


One bundle – Resealable Bag – $6.00




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