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Sandalwood Short Incense Sticks, Nippon Kodo, Mainichikoh Viva – 50 stick roll

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The literal translation of ‘Mainichikoh’ from Japanese into English is ‘Incense for everyday use’. This sweet and woody aroma of Sandalwood is highly reminiscent of Japan and very popular there – this being one of their best selling brands. A floral/woody incense, this has a purifying aroma, reminiscent of fresh forest scents.

  • +/- 50 Sticks in a paper roll
  • Each stick approx. 5” long (Viva short sticks)
  • Burn time of each stick approx. 30 minutes
  • Made in Japan
  • These products are known to be long lasting, retaining their fragrance well over time.

50 stick roll – $5.00



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