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Himalayan Pink Salt, Bulk



Hand-mined from ancient sea salt deep within the Himalayas, these naturally pink crystals offer a rich taste and an unparalleled purity and mineral content, unlike regular table salt, which often has additives.  Himalayan Pink Salts can also be used as detox and mineral bath treatments, as well as making face and body scrubs.


$6.50 per bag:

  • Extra Fine Grind (0-0.5 mm), 8 oz resealable bag
  • Fine Grind (0-1 mm), 8 oz resealable bag
  • Small Grind (1-2 mm), 8.3 oz resealable bag
  • Medium Grind (2-3 mm), 8 oz resealable bag
  • Coarse Grind (3-5 mm), 8 oz resealable bag




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Coarse Grind, 8 oz, Extra Fine Grind, 8 oz, Fine Grind, 8 oz, Medium Grind, 8 oz, Small Grind, 8.3 oz


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