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Cinnamon (Sweet) Sticks, Organic & Fair Trade Certified

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Sweet cinnamon, also known as Celyon cinnamon, is commonly referred to as ‘true cinnamon’ and comes from Sri Lanka.  It is not to be confused with Cassia cinnamon, which comes from from Indonesia or China.  Cassia cinnamon is harder, thicker and more rough than true cinnamon.  It is also lighter in color, and the sticks curl inward from both sides toward the center.  It is a bit spicier than true cinnamon.  Celyon (true) cinnamon is more delicate and sweet in flavor.  Its texture is also different, as it has many thin fragile layers of bark.  The biggest difference to us is the fact that Cassia contains higher concentrations of coumarin, which in high doses can have a negative impact on liver and kidney health.  We consider cinnamon to be a health food, so it is important for us to keep it healthy!

Cinnamon contains calcium, iron and the mineral manganese.  It’s also an antioxidant, a coagulant, and has been shown to help control blood sugar levels.  It may even inhibit the formation of Alzheimer’s disease, impair cancer cells, and work as an antibiotic.. and more!

We prefer cinnamon sticks over the powder, because we know they are straight from the source and thus not ‘fake’, as a lot of news lately is telling us that the processing of cinnamon can be less than desirable.  They are fun to nibble on, can be ground into a powder (either for food or supplementing), and can be extracted for their essential oils.  Can also be simmered or stirred into your favorite teas!


3 oz resealable bag (about 15-20 sticks) – $8.00




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