California Poppy Loose Leaf Tea, Certified Organic, Cut & Sifted

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California poppy, also known as golden poppy, is considered an ancient plant whose origins are not entirely known. Native Americans in California prized them as a source of food, as well as the oil that could be extracted from the plant.  They ate the green fern-like foliage as a vegetable, consumed the flowers as a delicacy, and used the entire plant as a mild painkiller.  It is one of the oldest North American remedies for stress-induced maladies.  Traditionally noted for its anti-anxiety and relaxing properties, many find California poppy useful in formulations as a relaxing botanical addition; the dried aerial parts of the plant are used in tea blends and to make tinctures, often in combination with valerian and passionflower, along with a range of other botanicals.  It is gentle yet effective in any formulation calling for a relaxing botanical.  California poppy is great for soothing pain, along with relieving anxiety and insomnia.  Unlike some other members of the poppy family, California poppy does not contain the same alkaloids that produce a narcotic effect, such as those found in opium poppy.


To prepare as a tea: Fill tea strainer or filter with 1 tbsp tea and place in a mug. Pour boiling water over tea until mug is full. Cover and steep 10+ minutes. Many find the flavor to be unappealing, so you may infuse with other tasty teas, and flavor with honey or your choice of sweetener!

California poppy can also be used as a poultice, a salve, or an extract.


4.4 oz (125g) resealable Mylar bag – $20.00

8.8 oz (250g) resealable Mylar bag – $30.00



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4.4 oz (125g), 8.8 oz (250g)


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