Orange Peel Loose Tea, Certified Organic, Cut & Sifted

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Benefits: Citrus peels (the most beneficial part of the fruit that we throw away!) are loaded with vitamin C and pectin.  Orange peels can chase away mucus and ward off colds and flu with its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Orange peels can also help with sluggish digestion and are effective for treating gas, bloating and nausea.

Organic orange peel is perfect for flavoring your dishes, desserts and teas with the mild taste of this citrus fruit!


To prepare as a tea: For the most therapeutic effect, we recommend making a decoction. It’s best to smash the peels a little, then put 1 tbsp of peels in a small sauce pan. Cover the peels with 1 cup of water. Slowly heat to a simmer (be careful not to boil), cover for 10-30 minutes, then strain. You can initially put the peels in a tea strainer or filter, or put them straight into the pot and strain the peels afterwards. Can also be prepared as an infusion: Fill tea strainer or filter with 1 tbsp peels and place in a mug. Pour boiling water over peels until mug is full. Cover and steep 10-15 minutes; however, the effects and flavor might be less than that of a decoction.


4.4 oz (125g) resealable Mylar bag – $9.00

8.8 oz (250g) resealable Mylar bag – $14.00




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4.4 oz (125g), 8.8 oz (250g)


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