Postal Money Orders Instructions

Please follow these instructions for sending Postal Money Orders for payment

Only United States Postal Money Orders are accepted, as they offer the best protection for everyone.

Go up to the counter and ask for a Money Order in the amount your order comes to.  There will be a small fee for it, which goes to USPS.

There will be a perforated section, one is your receipt (please hold onto it for your sake), one is the actual Money Order going to me.

On the Money Order itself, please just write my name, Lisa Butler.  There is no need to write an address.  Where there is a memo line at the bottom, please leave blank.

On YOUR receipt, Please write:

Lisa Butler
PO Box 455
Wakefield, RI 02880

Please address the envelope with my name and address as written above, and add a piece of paper inside with your order number on it.

Then please take a picture of the Money Order and the envelope (just so that I can ensure everything is written out correctly), and send to:

Please note that orders will not be shipped until the Money Order is received.

Thank you!


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