Postal Money Orders Instructions

Please follow these instructions for sending Postal Money Orders for payment

Only United States Postal Money Orders are accepted, as they offer the best protection for everyone.

Before going to the post office, please print out these instructions, or have them handy on your phone 🙂

Go up to the counter and ask for a Money Order in the amount your order comes to.  There will be a small fee for it, which goes to USPS.

There will be a perforated section; one is your receipt (please hold onto it, as it is the only way to get your money back should it get lost in the mail), and one is the actual Money Order going to me.

On the Money Order itself, on the left hand side please just write my name in the 'Pay To' field, which is Lisa Butler.  There is no need to write an address.  Where there is a memo line at the bottom, please leave blank.  On the right side of the Money Order where it asks for your name and address, please leave that blank as well.

On YOUR receipt, which again hold onto, please write:

Lisa Butler
PO Box 455
Wakefield, RI 02880

Please stamp and address the envelope with my name and address as written above, and add a piece of paper inside with your name and order number on it.  You can find your order number in 2 ways:  1) As soon as your order goes through, a page will pop up with all of your order information.  You will see your order number at the top left.  2) You will receive an automated invoice email right after placing your order.  The order number can be found right above your order information.

Then please take a picture of the Money Order and the envelope before enclosing (just so that I can ensure everything is written out correctly), and send ASAP to:  In the subject line of the email write your order number and then 'Money Order'.  In the body of the email, please let me know you will be sending me the Money Order, and include the above mentioned picture.  Once I receive this, I will notate your order that you will be paying via Money Order.

Please note that in most cases orders will not be shipped until the Money Order is received.

Thank you!


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