Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who do I contact for help?

The best way to reach us is to contact

Please provide any pertinent information that will assist us as quickly as possible. You may also reach us by clicking the ‘contact us’ link, which is located on every page.

Please do not contact us from any automatically generated order or shipping emails, as we do not monitor these and your email may go unnoticed.

Do we allow returns?

All sales are final.

However, your satisfaction is very important to us. If you are not happy with a purchase, please contact us using the contact form or by emailing, so that we may discuss a resolution. All return and exchange requests are handled on a case by case basis.

Please note: If merchandise comes in damaged, we will take care of any shipping charges. If we make a return or exchange exception due to any other reason, you will be responsible for any shipping charges.

From where do we ship?

All orders are shipped from our East Coast warehouse.

Do we offer free shipping?

All orders up to $29.99 do not apply for free shipping.

All orders starting at $30 include free USPS Priority Mail shipping, which includes tracking.

Once we print your shipping label, your tracking number will be automatically emailed to you. If you cannot find this email in your inbox, please search for it in your spam or other folders; otherwise let us know and we will provide it for you!

Do we ship on Saturdays?

No, your order will be shipped on Monday

(excluding USPS mail holidays).

Do we offer express shipping service?

No, only USPS Priority Mail with Tracking

Do we offer support over the phone or a call-back service?

Generally not.

However, if you are having an issue that cannot be handled online, please be sure to email us a phone number with details of the issue, and we will call you back as soon as we are able.

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