We’ve unfortunately had to make the decision to charge a fee for using our e-checking processor. Their fees for us have always been high, but they are getting outrageous. We were going to raise our product’s prices to try to balance things out (and this goes along with costs within the industry always on the rise), but ultimately decided against that, as there are other methods of payment if you do not wish to pay the new processing fee (& more below on these options).

We know many of you have come to rely on the e-check, so we really want to apologize for this added expense, but at this point we simply have no choice. The fee for using it is 10% of the order total (as you will see in checkout when clicking the e-check form of payment). And this is less than half of the fees they charge us per check, so we have made it as low as we possibly can.

As said above, we have added other methods of payment, going back now several months. They are called ‘Alternative Payment Options For Botanical Specimen Only’ (as only leaf members can see and use these options). There is a note next to this one about them. If you are interested in using them, you can find what they are along with their instructions under this news section, under the title ‘Payment Methods’ (you will see it is a link, and it will take you to a new tab or window). The direct link for that page is:


We just wanted to notify on this page anyone who does not know about these other options, again if you’ve been using the e-check but do not wish to pay the new fee. And as you will see if you do read about them, we are planning on adding more options as soon as we are able (and this includes sending personal checks, which can be done now.. we just have yet to list ‘Hard Checks’ in the Alternative Payment Options. So if you are interested in paying this way, please contact me directly and I will be happy to explain how to proceed:)

Again we really apologize for this fee; however it has become a necessity. But luckily we do have the other forms of payment if you’d rather go that route. And we thank you as always for your understanding as we navigate through this rough time in the industry!


New Payment Options!

We have finally added some alternative payment options that are now available for leaf members only, yay! They are all listed in the checkout as Alternative Payment Options for Botanical Specimen Only (and you will see this also shortly below here under Payment Methods with instructions when you click the link, which I suggest doing before placing an order just so you can check it out beforehand.. but don’t worry, the same instructions pop up in a new tab or window once you click this option in the checkout). The direct link is:


Within this one payment method are actually 3 different options: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Square Cash App/aka Cash App . We will also be allowing personal checks- we have to get that option up, but if you’d like to use this option before that happens, please email me directly before placing an order! (And we are hoping to add Zelle Pay at some point, but not positive as we’d tried this last year and it didn’t work out so great for us, but we will be trying.) And we are planning on adding some more ASAP! We are so happy we could finally set this up for you! And we are just as happy to have them:)

Please note: all 3 options are integrated into the checkout so that orders can be placed as usual for your convenience. However, payments must be made off-site by you right after placing your order, and a confirmation email must be sent to me immediately after doing so (and again, there are instructions for each.. please read, not everyone does which can make these transactions not as simple as they actually are). Also, if you need any assistance with setting up any of these apps, please let me know!

We hope this is helpful 🙂



I thank you all so much for your support during our recent family issues! Things are improving 🙂 Though due to everything that's happened, we are trying to not work after business hours (please keep in mind that we are EST), nor on the weekends. Of course when we can we do! But if you email us during these times, we may not be able to write back until the next business day.

As always, I thank you so much for your understanding!

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