New Payment Options!

We have finally added some alternative payment options that are now available for leaf members only, yay! They are all listed in the checkout as Alternative Payment Options for Botanical Specimen Only (and you will see this also shortly below here under Payment Methods with instructions when you click the link, which I suggest doing before placing an order just so you can check it out beforehand.. but don’t worry, the same instructions pop up in a new tab or window once you click this option in the checkout). The direct link is:

Within this one payment method are actually 3 different options: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Square Cash App/aka Cash App . We will also be allowing personal checks- we have to get that option up, but if you’d like to use this option before that happens, please email me directly before placing an order! (And we are hoping to add Zelle Pay at some point, but not positive as we’d tried this last year and it didn’t work out so great for us, but we will be trying.) And we are planning on adding some more ASAP! We are so happy we could finally set this up for you! And we are just as happy to have them:)

Please note: all 3 options are integrated into the checkout so that orders can be placed as usual for your convenience. However, payments must be made off-site by you right after placing your order, and a confirmation email must be sent to me immediately after doing so (and again, there are instructions for each.. please read, not everyone does which can make these transactions not as simple as they actually are). Also, if you need any assistance with setting up any of these apps, please let me know!

We hope this is helpful 🙂

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